Australia’s most trusted.

Australia’s most trusted.

On screen panic button solution.

On screen panic button solution.

Australia’s safest on-screen panic button software developed to keep staff safe. Whatever industry you are in, safety is just one click away.


Join 1000s of Companies who use Duress Alert to keep their staff safe


“95% of healthcare workers have experienced physical attacks or verbal attacks while going about their critical work of caring for the sick and saving lives.”


A staff member is feeling threatened while in consultation with an aggressive client, they hit the Duress Alert button installed on their screen. This then sends out an immediate message alerting all users who have Duress Alert installed on their PCs about who is in Duress and what room they are in. As soon as one responder selects their notification, the initiating staff member icon changes colour identifying to them that help is on the way. The situation is taken then care of quickly, discreetly and safely.

Simple to Use

Discreet but there when you need it, Duress Alert Button floats unobtrusively on the desktop and can be activated by a single click or keyboard shortcut. Alerts are then sent to users on the network or to designated computers.

Easy to Deploy

Get your healthcare staff covered quickly. Our panic alarm software can be deployed and configured fast utilising our management portal with different modes to suit your healthcare site, we can liaise with your current IT provider to schedule a TeamViewer session at a mutually convenient time to remotely install the solution to your server and computers.

Easy to Customise

Duress Alert can work in many ways for your Healthcare site. Define locations and consult room names and numbers to create a setting that suits you and your clinic’s requirements, for the time you need the alarm the most.

Cost Effective

Our Duress Alert software uses your existing computers and networks which keeps costs low.

In line with accreditation

With our system approved by all Australian accreditation boards, you know you are meeting your accreditation requirements.

Totally Discreet

Our Duress system can be raised in your clinic or business without the assailant knowing.

Your safety is a priority.

Knowing you, your staff and visitors are all safe

With 1000s of users across Australia & NZ putting their trust in our Duress Alert panic alarm software, knowing they are keeping staff, visitors and customers safe, with our dedicated studies into Duress Alert and its uses we have found a simple knock on the door by a member of staff close by normally defuses the situation.

The 3 colours of safety


From the moment you sit down and turn on your tools, fire up the PC, your sign of safety is always visible, always live and can be accessed in a multitude of ways, whilst green you are connected, safe.


Once your icon has been activated and is red you know your alert has gone out, its now visible to you and the team you need help, this icon will remain inconspicuous, your alert is now above all other work priorities, it will be seen!


Help is on its way, your alert has been accepted by a team member, you are now safe and your Duress protocol is now in action, this will remain orange until you reset the alarm, remain calm and await help.


Real life, real users

Real life, real users

Here are a few of our Duress Alert software users, their stories are all real, and what led them to getting Duress Alert installed.

A  Line we hear more often than you think.

“I wish we had done it sooner”

Since the pandemic we have seen a rise in substance abuse, with more and more patients looking to kick the habit we join a government incentive, our aim was to use methadone as a pathway to people getting off drugs, our clinic was overwhelmed with the amount of people who would do anything to move forward.
The program had been running around 3 months, at that time we had had 3 separate attacks on GP’s who were aiming to reduce the prescribed amount given, this led to some frustration and often violence, with the Duress Alert system installed it has already prevented 6 further attacks.
The safety of our staff is paramount.
Liz Baker – Perth 
With ever growing vaccination rates we were inevitably going to see delays in other areas, our head receptionist was a sole ranger, managing our front desk alone, with frustration for vaccination bookings which were running behind she would often be verbally abused by patients.
The final straw for us was when she was spat on by a patient and had to physically shout across our clinic for help, luckily a helpful patient was there to calm the situation, our head receptionist was clearly shaken.
Since installing it she now feels a lot safer.
Sanjay Gultibe – Sydney 
We run a busy solicitor practice and have always used the fixed button systems under the desk, with clients and  people we are pursuing for justice sometimes the situation can get heated, with frequent visits of the pursuant to our offices we had used our Duress alert system on several occasions.
With a sizable divorce case on the table and after some earlier correspondence our front of house team were met by a gentleman baring a baseball bat, he was very frustrated by our communication, our receptionist hit the Duress button under the desk only to realise some time later the button was broken!
Since installing the Duress Alert, she now knows, if it’s green, we can see her.
Sally Anderton – Victoria

A simple solution

Duress Situation

Trigger the alarm

You find yourself in a difficult situation where you feel your safety is in question, you now need assistance or somebody is suffering a medical emergency, your screen will be displaying 2 green dots + hotkey options, one in the icon tray one on the screen above all open browsers or software, you then click on the your button and it will now turn red, your alert is out across all staff members, once acknowledged by the team your button will turn orange, you now know help is on its way.

Notification & Response

The moment you trigger the Duress Alert, every PC loaded with Duress Alert will receive a pop-up notification displaying the room and or name of who is in Duress, the pop up will remain on the screen above every open browser and all software, it will stay until someone responds.

There really is no way of missing our Duress Alert software.

About Us

IT4GP was founded in 2007, in Victoria, Australia. Our focus is on IT solutions that improve business outcomes. Our innovative services have seen a strong story of growth year on year.

We attribute this growth to working in a specific range of industries to support them with implementing and maintaining services to assist them with customer service, though predominantly we have been working within the Health Industry. We focus on IT infrastructure consulting and project management.

In 2014 we had attributed enough managed healthcare centres all with a common issue, government legislated panic alarm systems, a compulsory requirement, although there were many options on the market it became very apparent reliability was an issue, with battery or USB focused typical under the desk stuck on alarms after a year or so it became very apparent these alarms were never visibly tested, sadly the test would happen upon requiring help, again this led to a number of situations where something far more visible was required.

With the design and development wholly performed in house, we were able to test our products under 100s of different environments, making sure every day a user sat down, they were 100% confident their Duress Alert was both installed and working, from there the Duress Alert became Australia’s most used and respected on-screen panic alert software.

We are proud to have 1000s of staff using such a powerful tool and making sure if they require support its available 24/7, 365 days per year, knowing when you buy Duress Alert you and your staff are safe and know when they need help, it’s there.

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All Plans Come With A Free, 21 Day Trial!


Team Safe

Great for small teams
From $299 PA
Up to 10 users
Full access desktop apps
Management Portal
$2.49 per user per month
Billed Annually

*$99+GST installation fee

Group Safe

Great for bigger sites
From $399 PA
Up to 15 users
Full access desktop apps
Management Portal
$2.21 per user per month
Billed Annually

*$99+GST installation fee

Corporate Safe

Ideal for multi level bigger teams
From $499 PA
Up to 25 users
Full access desktop apps
Management Portal
$1.66 per user per month
Billed Annually

*$99+GST installation fee

Multi Site Safe

Custom created for multi site corporate
From POA
Unlimited users
Custom dedicated development
Multi-site deployment
And everything in all above plans

*$99+GST installation fee

Not sure which one fits you best?

Talk to a Duress Alert expert, we are on hand now.
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We have a solution that runs on a thin client, have a chat with an expert to see what solutions we can offer, it’s rare we can’t accommodate an environment.

This is also something we are hoping to achieve in the future.

One of our Australian based Duress technicians will work directly with you or your IT to deploy the alert which takes roughly 5 minutes per PC, we also have a field based team if required.

The Duress system runs as  software and utilises the computer network – it doesn’t run directly with the firewall.

Providing you have 1 Mac that has windows installed the solution will work, the server will be installed to this and it will run.

The duress subscription ranges from $300 depending on the business requirements, please get in touch for a customised quotation.

No, this is a yearly subscription for the licence, you have unlimited access to our support team during the licence period.

Yes, you can choose where you want to have the button placed on your screen, you can also have it as a tray icon or a hotkey or all of the above, deployment is designed to make sure you have multiple access points should you need help.